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Fleet Dealer Registration (FDR) ™

For new car registration and related service, TAGS Hawaii Inc. has pioneered the Fleet Dealer Registration (FDR) ™ Program. This new, innovative program gives participating fleet owners and dealers the ability to register new cars on-site, utilizing interactive secure computer services provided by TAGS. These registration services include the procurement of license plates and emblems and allows for issuance of plates, emblems and registrations via computer by the dealer on site.

To utilize this system, participating organizations enter into a contractual agreement with TAGS as the third party vendor who operates the system. Under the system, the Division of Motor Vehicles, Licensing and Permits issues license plates emblems and certificates of registration directly to the participating organizations, while the TAGS computer system controls the inventory and insures that all plates and emblems are issued in consecutive order.

All source documents, along with the necessary payments are submitted to the DMV after processing is complete or within 10 days. The program allows Rent-A-Car locations, new car Dealers and other organizations to license their vehicles without having to stand in line at the division of Motor Vehicles to process them, and to update these transactions on site as necessary.

The TAGS FDR system has been thoroughly reviewed by the State of Hawaii Division of Transport and has been authenticated as a SECURE site that meets all of the State’s strictest of guidelines.

Yours and your client’s privacy and confidentiality are assured at all times and is a required premium in allowing TAGS access to the State of Hawaii Department of Transport system.