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Traditional titles and Registration

Even in this electronic age, some clients prefer to process their paperwork traditionally, so as an option TAGS provides our traditional service by offering to do the record keeping and legwork necessary for new car dealerships to register and keep track of their inventory.

The traditional process is as follows:

The dealer prepares all of the necessary documents and signatures and submits them to TAGS with a transmittal form. Forms and other paperwork requiring notarization or sign-on from financial institutions or other lien holders are submitted separately, along with a different transmittal form which is marked accordingly.

TAGS Picks up the documents from the dealer, enters the information into it’s computer, and processes the paperwork with the DMV. Any glaring errors are reported to the dealer so they can be corrected before the documents are delivered for processing. TAGS prints a worksheet that accompanies all works submitted to the DMV on which an identifying “car or stock number” is indicated. This number is keyed to display the type of transaction being made and the documents being submitted. This allows TAGS to recall any or all information pertaining to the transaction, including license numbers and whether it is a transfer or duplicate title or registration. This information can also be retrieved for any and all transactions in the TAGS system using the car or stock number for a particular transaction.

Once the transaction is processed by the DMV, the completed paperwork and accompanying items, such as Titles, Registrations, or Plates are bought back to the TAGS office. Each item is first checked to ensure that the transaction has been done according to the dealer’s specifications, and then recorded in the TAGS database. A TAGS Invoice for services, indicating all DMV and/or TAGS fees incurred for the transaction, is generated and the entire package then delivered back to the dealership. The dealer may, at his option choose to pick up the paperwork at the TAGS Office.