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TAGS Dealer Reports

TAGS maintains an easily accessible, comprehensive database for it’s clients and keeps a record of each clients transactions which includes:

  • Every document received by TAGS for processing, including all of the information pertaining to each and every transaction processed. Once all reveals what was sent out, and to who, even hours, days and months after the sale.
  • Complete records of when work was completed. Need to know when that important title was issued? TAGS has a record of when it was processed and delivered, regardless of whether it was mailed or picked up.

Information on any vehicle in the TAGS system, need to know when the transfer number for the 94’ sedan processed in January? Or who was the lien holder? TAGS can report anything you need to know about any vehicle we processed.

Comprehensive Dealer Reports

  • Safety Check Expiration
  • Registration Expiration

These two reports track the inventory for you

  • Stock Report

Always know here the Title for any vehicle is located.

For participating organizations using the TAGS new Car and Used Car systems, the answers to these and many other questions are only a phone call way