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Retail Processing

TAGS retail processing is much the same as the Direct Processing Program, with these important additional features:

  • Using computer generated labels, TAGS will mail plates, title and /or registration directly to the dealers customers, saving them the hassle of returning to the dealership to pick up these items. Customers appreciate that their time and convenience is important to the dealer. However, if the dealer prefers, TAGS will bring the completed work back to the dealership so the customers can pick up these items there.

  • TAGS will complete all of the necessary paperwork to complete any transaction, making the dealers Title Clerk far more efficient (Dealers may need to provide a Power of Attorney forms as necessary).

  • TAGS double checks all work for errors. Anyone who has interacted with the DMV knows that they can be very particular about how forms are filled out and how documents are submitted. TAGS, alleviates the worry and concern over whether filings are accurate. And since TAGS checks all forms and documents for accuracy, if for any reason your work is rejected by the DMV, there will be no charge for TAGS services.

Both the Direct and retail Processing programs provide for paperwork pickup at the Dealers request. There is no need for the dealer to fight traffic and waste valuable time.